boo whiners, yay golden tee!

Have I mentioned I’m a Leafs fan that doesn’t mind seeing the Sens win? That’s fucked up. I love the Leafs. I hate Patte Quin and how he’s turned them into a bunch of whiners. Darcy Tucker’s really over-rated, and Domi sure can’t take what he dishes out anymore. I know he’s a great community and charitable guy, but jesus, just because someone runs you like you run everyone else doesn’t make them cheaters and dirty players. Get over it. Good game, and the Sens deserved the win.

I don’t know what crack all the refs in the league started smoking right before playoffs, but if you’re going to change the game that much between the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs, you might want to mention it to everyone. If you’re going to call all the crap behind the play, how about calling everything in the play as well. We’d have a lot of four-on-four, but you wouldn’t feel so annoyed when six power-play goals are scored in one game.

Matt and I went to Brewsters for some trivia and some Golden Tee to relive life on Kilborne. When we lived a couple blocks apart we played trivia at Buffalo Charlie’s (gone now) at least once a week. I miss it. Matt’s pretty much everything you could ask for in a brother-in-law, except when he kicks my ass on the last hole of the game and wins it running away. Note to self: you can’t drive over the trees and the hill to make the green in real life, and you can’t do it in simulated life.