taking the plunge

My wife, who is awesome, gave me a [[http://brooklynbrewshop.com/beer-making-kits/everyday-ipa-1-gal-kit|Brooklyn BrewShop beer kit]] for Christmas last year. They’re one-gallon all-grain kits that make surprisingly good beer… basically a six pack. I worried [[http://kev.deadsquid.com/?p=1279|I might be hooked]] back in January and, surprise, I was.

Since that time I’ve learned a bunch about water, grain, yeast, and hops, and how you mix them together in a reasonably specific process using an assortment of [[http://www.blichmannengineering.com/|stainless steel]], [[http://morebeer.com/products/silicone-tubing-12-id-foot.html|silicone]], and [[http://www.homebrewing.org/10-Gallon-Converted-Igloo-Cooler-Mash-Tun-With-False-Bottom_p_1006.html|polyethylene]] implements. I have a [[http://bayouclassicdepot.com/kab4_banjo_burner.htm|210kBTU propane burner]] that can bring 10 gallons of wort to a boil in about 10 minutes – you can actually hear the propane tank glugging and [[http://instagram.com/p/nl-dpBx2C5/|see it freezing]] when that happens. I have a bunch of plastic pails and glass carboys, and there’s even a two-tap keg fridge. I love it – [[http://www.howtobrew.com/intro.html|beer is all about chemistry and physics]]… and drinking beer, can’t forget that, so it appeals greatly to me.

I ran across [[http://theelectricbrewery.com|The Electric Brewery]], a home and semipro brewing design that’s meticulously documented by a very nice fella in Ottawa, in March and have been drooling a little ever since. After a number of batches that were pretty well received, and a desire to experiment a heck of a lot more, I’ve gone all-in and am building a brewery in the basement.

I’ve ordered all of the remaining parts, and will start refitting a corner of said basement to become a brewery and bar. Construction will start the weekend after next, and I plan on having a functional brewery by Christmas.

I am teh excite. More to come, and I’ll try and go over the process as much as possible over the next few weeks. For now, I have some tile to buy, and some demo to do… and some more stainless to buy. It’s going to be fun.

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