too damn tired

I was supposed to post an update today of how work was going after three weeks. I am sad to report that I am writing a paragraph or two to say that I’m a slacker, and won’t be providing an update until tomorrow or sunday or never. Never is a very long time though, so […]


Went out with Mark today and had a horrible round. On the third hole, I missed my line by about 80 degrees to the right. That’s not a typo. It wasn’t quite a right angle, but I did manage to make the longest hole on the course longer, and the rest of the round followed […]

basket lunch

3899 I decided to pass on the whole “eat” thing at lunch, and headed over to Jacques Cartier Park for a round of disc golf instead. The water was pretty high along the river, so hole #1 was underwater and unplayable after the drive. The rest of the course is pretty dry, and it was […]